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Switch Pastor (Student)

Job Details

Job Title:  Switch Pastor 
Reports to:  Lead Pastor wants to make a lasting difference in your life, in our community, and in the world. Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. That's how we’re able to make a difference, and it's the driving force behind everything we do. 


The Switch Pastor receives personal instruction, opportunities for observation and hands-on experience from the Lead Pastor.  The Switch Pastor is responsible for leading the Switch ministry at Impact580.Church and ministering to the youth that attend  The Switch Pastor is responsible for effectively demonstrating pastoral care to Switch volunteers and youth that attend the Switch ministry.  The Switch Pastor will also be responsible for exemplifying leadership development tasks, such as conducting development meetings for Switch volunteers.  Additionally, the Switch Pastor is an initial contact for Switch volunteers.  Furthermore, this role will engage in successfully carrying out weekly operations including (but not limited to) the following:

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Demonstrating Pastoral Care
    1. Provide pastoral care for Switch volunteers and youth that attend switch through meetings, phone calls, or conversations
    2. Resolve any conflicts that may arise
  2. Leadership Development
    1. Development meeting in person, on the phone, via video, email and conference calls
    2. Cast a compelling vision for the Switch ministry
    3. Train Switch volunteers while setting clear expectations and coach them to achieve results
    4. Equip, invest in, develop and release leaders into the church and community
  3. Recruit Volunteers
    1. Initiate volunteer conversations 
    2. Bring in volunteers to add to and grow the team
    3. Coordinate and lead the volunteer orientation and scheduling processes
    4. Follow up with volunteers from when they begin serving to ensure satisfaction
  4. Weekly Operational Success
    1. Lead and oversee all aspects of Switch services on a weekly basis
    2. Be prepared to live teach the Switch content every week in the event of technical issues that prevent showing video supplied by Life.Church
    3. Ensure that Impact580.Church Switch stay in step with LIfe.Church Switch curriculum, content and culture on a weekly basis
    4. Download and prepare Switch content on a weekly basis
    5. Ensure that Switch is engaged on a regular basis through social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Tik-Tok, etc.) and that the content resembles that of Life.Church Switch whenever possible.  
    6. Maintain volunteer’s schedules to guarantee all Switch Team responsibilities are being met
    7. Check supply inventory for Switch activities
    8. Order (or oversee ordering) of supplies needed for Switch
    9. Ensure that the facility is ready for Switch services on a weekly basis 
    10. Ensure that the facility is cleaned up and ready for the next event (Switch, church or community event) at the conclusion of any Switch service or event
    11. Maintain a presence at local Middle and High Schools (Duncan)
    12. Attend a Life Church service at least once a quarter. 


  1. Must exemplify a high level of professionalism and pastoral care
  2. Clearly explain complicated processes and regulations
  3. Ability to provide objective solutions to volunteer complaints/inquiries
  4. Ability to self-motivate and make independent decisions
  5. Create and Steward budget/fiscal
  6. Knowledge in negotiating
  7. Understanding how to effectively communicate to an array of personnel
  8. Effective at multitasking, time management, and following up
  9. Excellent verbal, written and oral communication skills
  10. Exceptional problem-solving skills
  11. Maintain composure during stressful situations


High School Diploma or GED

  1. 1 year of work-related experience


This position receives general direction while working from established policies and objectives. This position plans and carries out assignments and will resolve most situations that arise. Completed work is generally monitored only to determine the effectiveness in meeting position/team objectives. This role works in a fastpaced environment with multiple interruptions. It is essential for this role to maintain a balance of concentration and stress tolerance to carry out daily role responsibilities.

This position will require the ability to frequently traverse and/or remain in a stationary position for prolonged periods. This role regularly communicates through talking and hearing and must be able to do so efficiently and effectively. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds on occasion.

At Impact580.Church, every staff member and intern is a minister, and is expected to fully engage in the ministry of the church. We consider ministry readiness, and an individual’s capacity to represent Impact580.Church’s beliefs as a minister, during the selection process for all staff and intern positions. An essential function within every position held by a staff member or intern at Impact580.Church is to uphold and represent Impact580.Church and our beliefs in all areas of personal and professional life.

Job Status: Full-Time
Salary Range: $45K - $50K



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