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Student Minister

Job Details

The Student Minister is responsible for the development and implementation of expanded programs designed to minister to students (junior high and high school), their parents, and their leaders in carrying out the mission of Christ through the Student Ministry of First Baptist Church.

The Student Minister will direct the planning, coordinating, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive Student Ministry which involves members of First Baptist Church and prospects.

The Student Minister is also responsible for administration of the R. Houston Smith Religious Education and Activity Building as well as the church vehicles.



  • Has a personal commitment and devotion to Christ and His church, and a sense of call to minister for Christ through a local church.
  • Is a graduate or current student of a college or Southern Baptist seminary.
  • Has a high level of commitment to reaching the non-Christian and the unchurched.
  • Has a commitment to educate and nurture youth in the Christian faith.
  • Exhibits proven ability to organize, administer, and evaluate church programs, especially those related to a youth ministry.
  • Has a high level of energy and self-motivation.
  • Communicates effectively through the spoken and written word.
  • Relates well to individuals and groups.
  • Committed to parental involvement in ministry and helping grow F.I.R.S.T. Youth into F.I.R.S.T. Adults according to the discipleship strategy of First Baptist Church Pineville.
  • Displays the ability and willingness to work with the Pastor and staff as a team.


Direct the planning, conducting, and evaluation of a comprehensive program for Junior and Senior High Youth including but not limited to the following:

  • Wednesday night services for youth, to include music and devotion.
  • Sunday School opening session as it relates to that day’s lesson focus.
  • New believer discipleship as well as an ongoing plan of discipleship for youth.
  • Youth Choir and other arts groups in association with the Minister of Music.

Develop and conduct special events and programs for Junior and Senior High youth:

(1) appropriate to the needs of those groups; (2) in addition to the ongoing program organizations of the church; and (3) within budget and calendar guidelines and areas of assigned responsibility. Such activities might include fellowships, Bible studies, retreats, mission trips, and personal growth activities. In general, there should be a minimum of one youth activity per month during the school year and a minimum of three youth activities per month during the summer holidays. Some of these may combine all youth, some may be specifically related to junior high or senior high students. Annual events the shall be the responsibility of the Student Minister are as follows:

  • Disciple Now
  • Summer camp/mission trip
  • Graduate Banquet and Recognition
  • Graduating Seniors Mission Trip
  • Children and Youth fundraiser banquet and auction for summer activities 

Assist the Associate Pastor of Education and Administration in the enlistment of volunteer workers with Junior and Senior High youth in church program organizations and serve as staff leader for said workers.

Make recommendations to the Nominating Committee, in consultation with the Associate Pastor of Education and Administration, regarding the needed workers with Junior and Senior High youth.

Develop and conduct, in cooperation with the Associate Pastor of Education and Administration, an ongoing program of leadership development for volunteer workers with Junior and Senior High youth. Such programs should be designed to enrich and undergird the church’s program organizations and youth activities.

Coordinate the church’s student ministry with associational, state, and convention programs when deemed appropriate.


Supervise youth interns when added to the church staff.


  • Student and Parent Relationships
  • Develop and nurture relationships with FBC youth parents.
  • Nurture relationships with youth by attending their games, concerts, plays, etc. as time allows; being present at their schools on a consistent basis; visiting them and their family members in times of hospitalization or other need.
  • Implement a consistent plan of communication with youth and parents via church publications, texts, email, social media, mail-outs, etc.
  • Be alert through the ministry to students to the discovery of families who need the ministry of First Baptist Church, to make personal visits in homes of prospective families with students and in other homes as assigned.


Organizational Relationships:

  • Lead the Youth Ministry Team.
  • In consultation with the Youth Ministry Team and Associate Pastor of Education and Administration, prepare an annual budget to be recommended to the Finance Committee.
  • Review expenditures in areas assigned responsibility and manage budget expenditures in those areas.
  • Provide adequate promotion of events, programs, and activities related to areas of work.
  • Serve as a member of the Church Council.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of councils and committees assigned to the Student Minister according to the Committee Assignment Schedule and Pastor’s discretion.
  • Attend other meetings as requested by the Pastor.

Staff Responsibilities:

  • Attend staff meetings
  • Maintain an up-to-date calendar related to the Student Ministry and coordinate the church youth ministry with the calendar and emphases of the church.
  • Comply with all established church policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal and state laws.
  • Participate in outreach visitation.
  • Be a visible representative of the church at schools, civic events, etc. as desired and as assigned by the Pastor.
  • Participate in hospital ministry.  This schedule may be amended at the discretion of the ministerial staff.


  • Maintain a program of personal and professional development.
  • Maintain a program of study of new methods, plans, and projects related to areas of work.
  • Maintain a personal devotional life and spend a reasonable amount of time with family.
  • Function as a Spirit-filled person, exhibiting submission to the Lord, an adherence to Bible Study and prayer, and a firm dedication to the ministry.
  • Display an attitude of cooperation, friendliness and helpfulness, along with the fruit of the Spirit named in Galatians 5:22-23.
  • Think and be creative; determine ways for more effective organization and ministry.


Schedule and perform Associational, State, and Convention responsibilities as time permits, as approved by the Pastor.


  • Participate in the social life of the church as time permits.
  • Assist other staff members with church-wide projects and with other major projects as time permits.
  • Fulfill other responsibilities as needed and in response to the initiative of the Pastor.


Status: Part-Time

Salary: $24,000-26,000

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