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Servant Life Director

Job Details

Job Purpose

The primary purpose of the Servant Life Director is to give leadership to our team in all day-to-day activities, including the efforts of church mobilization, mission partner relationships, trip management and preparation, marketing, and other details associated with missions’ mobilization and organizational operations through Servant Life. This role will have to be a self-starter, dynamic, good steward of resources, and willing to carry out all roles (small and large) with excellence as we seek to mobilize and equip churches for mission. This position will play an important part in the trip experience as you interact directly with churches and mission partners, and good communication and leadership skills are essential.


Essential Responsibilities

The following components are the responsibilities of the Servant Life Director:

  • Be a Minister
  • Serve churches as it relates to all things Servant Life
  • Be knowledgeable about Servant Life trip experiences and be able to serve prospective churches by taking phone calls or answering online chats
  • Partner with registered churches to communicate trip information and guide them through mobilization process from start to finish
  • Work with Servant Life mission partners around the world to finalize trip details, dates, costs, etc. and assist them with preparation of registered teams and their finances
  • Give leadership to Servant Life team, which will assist with trip mobilization, communication, marketing, airfare, trip boxes, trip payments, and other responsibilities
  • Develop social media, marketing, and trip recruitment strategy on platforms such as MailChimp (email), Instagram, Facebook, and others, and work with Missions Coordinator to implement and execute
  • Maintain and update Servant Life website with accurate information about available mission trips, as well as other resources
  • Work directly with Servant Life travel agent to book airfare for registered churches
  • Make payments to mission partners and travel agent, and assist Missions Coordinator with financial responsibilities related to payments, checks, credit cards, and more
  • Give leadership to the A1eight Project alongside the Missions Coordinator, including applications, interviews, recruiting, training weekend, summer management, and follow-up
  • Maintain FileMaker (CRM system) as a useful platform to manage our registered churches
  • Oversee online store, including annual procurement of resources needed for trip participants (such as t-shirts, devotionals, stickers, etc.)
  • Work with Servant Life Executive Director on various annual projects such as end-of-year fundraising, board meetings, partner camp launch, and trade shows
  • Point of contact with-in office partners (YM360) and camp relationships (GENERATE)
  • Manage assigned boxes of responsibility and other assigned tasks

Qualifications include:

  • Must support the Christian mission of Servant Life with a desire to serve the Church through a mission’s mobilization organization
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 3+ years of industry experience
  • Clear and effective communication skills, both orally and in writing
  • Strong people management skills and proven leadership of a team
  • Proficient at problem-solving and time management
  • Ability to work in groups and individually in a fast-paced environment
  • Possesses great organizational skills
  • Competent to deliver high customer service experience

Requirements & Benefits include:

  • Monday – Friday from our office in Hoover, Alabama
  • 40 hours per week, salaried
  • Benefits include medical, dental, and retirement
  • Some domestic and international travel at times for trade shows or vision trips

Core Values

  • At Servant Life, our guiding values help focus our efforts. This role will need to understand and affirm Servant Life’s core values, and must themselves be aligned accordingly:
  • Gospel-Centered Ministry - Only the good news of Jesus ultimately has the power to save people from their sin and lead them to a life of hope and freedom. We select mission partners based on their commitment to Scripture, Gospel-centered ministry, and the opportunity for students to be able to share the good news of Jesus with the world.
  • Long-Term, Church-Centered Strategies - Short-term mission trips must happen within a long-term ministry strategy. To see true discipleship, the relationships that are formed during trips must continue past the 6-10 days that participants are on the ground. Short-term trips should be a catalyst toward long-term ministry.
  • Relationally-Focused Approach - Ministry happens best within the context of relationships. Our goal is to provide mission experiences that allow teams to have extensive, saturated time to build relationships with those they are serving.


Direct Reports

Direct leadership will fall under the Servant Life Executive Director (J. Roger Davis).

The above statements are intended to describe the essential functions of this job. It may be necessary for this position to perform other tasks and adopt along the way. In this event, there will always be discussion and clear expectations.



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