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Middle School Pastor

Job Details

Purpose: To create a community network that meets the spiritual and social needs of Middle School students here at Christ Community Church. In a team setting, his mission is to cultivate a sense of community and instill a sense of urgency to reach the world around them. These objectives are realized by the example set by the pastor and team, the teaching of God’s Word, and the equipping of students to make disciples for God’s glory.
Payroll Status: Full-Time, salaried, exempt
Reports to: Student Ministry Team Leader, Executive Pastor of Ministry, Elder Board
Pastoral Category: Associate Pastor
General Qualifications:
  • Prefer Bible college degree or above.
  • Prefer experience serving in a large multi-staff church.
  • Has significant, recent experience working with both teens and parents in a church setting.
  • Is a strong team member and team player.
  • Has a clear Biblical philosophy of middle school ministry and leadership
  • Has a proven track record of selecting, training, and empowering lay-leaders to accomplish ministry.
  • Is committed to carrying out the vision statement of CCC.
  • Must be able to and will continue to endorse (as long as he is in service at Christ Community Church) the constitution and doctrinal statement of Christ Community Church and follow the leadership of the elders.

Spiritual Qualifications:

  • Committed Christian (bears spiritual fruit, balances life, demonstrates emotional health and stability)
  • Lives consistently within the biblical standards of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Will continue in a consistent, growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Believes God has gifted and called him to pastor young teens and has the support of his family in this ministry
  • Has the support of his family in this ministry

Supervisory Expectation:

  • To model what it means to live a passionate Christ-centered life, holding nothing back.
  • To encourage and assist middle school students in their spiritual journey and help them assimilate into the church body.
  • To shepherd and provide direction to the leaders and others involved in the middle school ministry.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Develop a ministry team to effectively disciple students (Recruit, organize,  shepherd and train)
  • Meet weekly with your team leader
  • Facilitate Sunday Morning youth group (organizing worship team, audio/technical set-up, announcements, teaching)
  • Facilitate Wednesday Evening youth group (organizing worship team, audio/technical set-up, announcements, teaching)
  • Coordinate and train group of adult volunteers
  • Organize and oversee camps, retreats and mission trips.
  • Lead small group of student leaders (bi-monthly meetings)
  • Disciple students on a one-on-one basis as needed (generally 2-3 meetings with students per week)
  • Organize and facilitate SOS program during VBS week
  • Attend and participate in retreats
  • Organize and facilitate day trips/special events (i.e. Dye Wars, Disneyland, Sunsplash)
  • Attend staff, team, and Chapel meetings
  • Adhere to Personnel Policy Manual
  • Adhere to and be able to teach church doctrinal statement
  • Formulate and operate within the approved Annual Budget
  • Maintain and utilize the Parent Advisory Board
  • Maintain and demonstrate Godly character and professionalism
  • Return phone calls and e-mails daily
  • Maintain content and calendar on the web site

    Secondary responsibilities:

    • Share in the pastoral care ministry on a rotating basis with other members of the pastoral staff (i.e. hospital visits, walk-in crisis support, financial requests, etc.).
    • Assist with weddings, funerals, etc. when called upon to do so.
    • Assist with other occasional pastoral duties and other on-going ministry opportunities as assigned by the Team Leader and/or Executive Pastor of Ministry.
    • Other duties and tasks as directed by the Elders.
    • Attend a Community Group.



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