I'm really excited to introduce you to our newest Christmas/Advent devotional, "HARK!" I had a blast writing HARK! and I know you and your students will find it to be a really meaningful resource this Christmas. Let me give you a little insight into the "why" behind it.

To “hark” simply means to listen closely. What better challenge in the busy-ness of the Christmas season than the challenge to listen intently to the message of the Christmas Story.

Of course, when you think of the word "hark," you probably think of the words of the timeless Christmas carol, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing:” Hark! The herald-angels sing / Glory to the newborn king; / Peace on earth and mercy mild, / God and sinners reconciled.

The angels were encouraging the shepherds to stop and to hark, to listen. Listen to what? Listen to the history-altering message: there’s a new King born tonight, and He brings peace between God and humankind! This is the Christmas message for all the ages, the most important birth announcement ever uttered. And that's what this devotion is all about. Helping your students spend Christmas/Advent focused intently on God and what He did through Jesus' miraculous birth.

We put a little video together with all the details. You can watch it below. But here's what you need to know about HARK! . . .

FIRST, if you want to make sure your students have it by the start of Advent (Sunday, November 27) you have to order by November 21. (We can't guarantee delivery after that date.)
SECOND, there are discounts if you order 10 or more. AND, there's free shipping on orders $99 and up.


Here's that video I mentioned . . .

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email, LiveChat, or call us. Merry Christmas and Happy Harking!