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Meet Our Team

At YM360, we assemble awesome, with a team that's working to bring you incredible resources, so that you can better serve your students. We're dedicated (we've been known to answer customer care emails on the walk between Sunday School and church), we're passionate (about everything), and we're grateful God has allowed us to walk beside you as you help students know Christ and make Him known.

Andy Blanks
ym360 co-founder & Publisher, wanna'be fantasy baseball pro

Andy Blanks leads all the content creation for YM360. If it's a blog post, resource, or workshop, Andy has his hands on it (for better or worse!). In 2003 he took a gig in youth ministry publishing where his passions for God's Word and for creating intersected in a dynamic way. He was hooked. Andy lives in Birmingham, AL with his wonderful wife Brendt, their three daughters, and one son. He's a pretty big fan of both the Boston Red Sox and anything involving the Auburn Tigers. When he's not hanging out with his family or volunteering at his church's youth ministry, you can find Andy trail running or mountain biking.

ym360 co-founder & CEO, wanna'be golfer

Les Bradford collaborates in most all aspects of YM360. Les has served as leadership in youth ministry orgs since 2006. Les has a knack for making all the moving parts work together. Youth ministry helped shape his life, and his youth pastor continues to be a great source of encouragement and friendship to this day. Les enjoys all things outdoors and wishes he was better at golf. Les and his wife Jamie live in Birmingham, AL with their son, Gage and daughter, Gracie.

J. Roger Davis
ym360 President, praying for revival on Rocky Top

J. Roger Davis joined YM360 in 2015 as President and leader of all live events & experiences. Roger has been creating and giving leadership to excellent, gospel-centered youth ministry events since 1993. He's always energized by the opportunity to create moments that matter for you and your students. Roger bleeds Tennessee Vol orange and is a big Dallas Cowboys & San Antonio Spurs fan (where he used to be a ball boy.) He and his wife, Becca (a former YM) live in Birmingham with their 4 kids: Sterling, Landry, Kinsley, and Murray.

Lee Moore
Director of Customer Care, yankee fan

YM360 Fact: Lee Moore was YM360's first-ever full time employee. Lee loves helping youth workers with the best customer care you'll find. Lee currently serves as Chaplain of Pelham High School Baseball Team and Helena Middle School Baseball Team, as well as Sunday School teacher. A former youth pastor, his first love is Jesus and his passion is to encourage students to live for An Audience of One. Lee lives in Helena, Alabama with his wife, Tammy, and their daughter, Abby. Their son, Austin is attending UAH on a baseball scholarship.

Angela Terry
Director of Events, Amateur Bass Guitarist

Angela Terry is all things YM360 Events -- both live events and our YM360 Event Curriculum. Angela has a deep passion for equipping the church in the discipleship process, and seeks to make the youth worker’s job easier. As the wife of a college pastor herself, Angela spends a lot of time “in the trenches,” ministering to the college students of greater Birmingham. On any given day, Angela enjoys filling her free time with sports (mainly the Denver Broncos), HGTV, baking and shopping. Angela lives in north Birmingham with her husband Madison and dog Maple.

Laurel-Dawn Berryhill
Art Director, Sr. Graphic Designer

Everything Laurel-Dawn touches turns to gold, and that's why we're so thrilled to have her as Art Director at YM360. A military kid who bounced around the US before finally landing in Birmingham, LD graduated from Auburn University and began making the world a beautiful place through the graphic arts. The former Art Director of Morf magazine, her favorite thing to do is take meaningful content and give it life visually. LD is a connoisseur of fine television, including but not limited to: Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, and Homeland, and in her spare time you can find her painting, honing her emoji game, and investing in the daily coconut-popsicles-and-water-sprinklers ritual with her son, Lochlan.

Erin Moon
Creative Director, Chips and Salsa Enthusiast

Since 2004 Erin has been working to integrate creativity and imagination into authentic worship experiences through live, video, spoken word, and interactive elements, specifically built to engage the minds and hearts of students. She firmly believes in the power of creating beautiful, powerful, and hilarious things as a way to help teenagers consider the Gospel in fresh ways. When not leading rousing office discussions on the spiritual implications of LOST or Harry Potter, Erin is pen pals with Robert Duvall, the co-author of a YA fantasy-adventure series, and a story coach for Arc Stories. A displaced Texan in Dixie, Erin moved to Birmingham to study theater and because she liked a boy, ok? Turns out, he felt the same way, and after a great deal of dramatic tension, he did, in fact, put a ring on it, and now she's mama bear to their two daughters.

Jake Rasmussen
Director of Marketing & Strategy, wanna'be Auburn Fan

Jake Rasmussen is a YM360 ninja in every sense. Jake helps YM360 across the board with strategy in areas like marketing, launching new resources, and customer care. Jakes has a passion for youth ministry having previously served with Group Publishing/Simply Youth Ministry for over 6 years. He loves being outdoors and was once known to be a Crossfit junkie. Growing up in Arizona, he's a legitimate Arizona Wildcats fan, a rarity here in the South. Jake lives with his wife Jennifer and their 4 children in Birmingham.

Anna Archer
Event Resources Coordinator

Anna Archer has her hands in a little bit of everything around here. But her main passion is working with youth ministers to fulfill all their Event Resource needs. If you ever place an Event Resource order on our website, or need help pulling off an awesome DNOW or retreat weekend, you'll likely have the privilege of working with Anna. She has a heart for serving youth workers and a desire to see lives become Kingdom-driven. In her free time, Anna reads anything she can get her hands on and impatiently waits for the Olympic Games to cycle back around. Anna lives in Birmingham with her husband, Jared.

Aaron Ammon
Project Manager, Founder of the Nashville branch of YM360

Aaron Ammon joined us at YM360 in 2016, taking on the responsibility of corraling all the creatives in the office. It ain’t an easy job, but somebody’s gotta do it. When he’s not wrangling the team here, he’s sustaining YM360's vendor relationships to make sure each product you receive is up to snuff. You can find AA-RON (as he is lovingly referred to around the office) leading worship for his local church, and being the left side of YM360's brain.

Jake Hughes
Director of Production and Technology, YM360's Resident Weather Alert System

Jake Hughes hopped aboard the YM360 Express in 2017, bringing with him years of knowledge and leadership in the worlds of live event production and technical nerdery. The brains behind all the gear wizardry you see at any YM360 event, Jake also humbly serves the people when "the internet is broken" around the office. A graduate of Mississippi State University, Jake now lives in Birmingham, where he keeps us informed of severe weather patterns over YM360.

Lindsey Tillman
Event Coordinator, Sharer of Excellent Puppy Videos

A Birmingham native, Lindsey has been doing camp ministry for five years of her young life. She is the boots on the ground at GENERATE, co-leading staff, working with youth ministers, and managing all the details. During the year, Lindsey is also heavily involved in working with communities all around the country, locating SERVE sites for GENERATE, as well as camp planning, customer service, and CLEAR. When Lindsey is not at the office, you can find her organizing as a stress reliever, or fervently praying that Les allows her to get a YM360 Office Puppy.

Wynn Morris
Event Director, YM360's Official Man Bun

As the newest member of the YM360 family, Wynn serves as our Event Director. He works closely with Lindsey to ensure youth ministers coming to GENERATE have the best experience possible. In addition, he also co-leads the GENERATE staff, helps with camp prep, and considers himself a master truck packer. Wynn is currently a budding theologian, studying at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham. When he's not the office, he's probably writing a paper. In Greek. He hopefully anticipates the day when he'll have a life again outside of seminary, but today is not that day.

Amy Howell
Customer Care Specialist, Boxin' and Shippin' and Keepin' It Classy

Where would we be without Amy? The joy and delight of YM360, she keeps the books and devotionals and shirts that you order on track to your door. If you've ever ordered anything from YM360, it came from Amy, and it probably came with a sweet note that she's praying for that box to help draw students closer to Christ. Amy is officially mom to her three children (and unofficially mom to us at YM360), and wife to Bryan, a local youth minister.

Six Foot Five Productions
All Things Video, Graphics, Motion, Mad Scientists

Six Foot Five Productions was founded by Taylor Robinson in 2012, working with organizations like Compassion International to help tell the story of how they are releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. Since the beginning of YM360, Taylor has been producing all of our video content: from bumpers to Teacher Prep to Event Resources. He added the power couple of Ryan and Audra Whaley to his roster, and they work to help produce and direct all the videos for GENERATE. We're grateful to have 6F5 in the same offices as YM360, even if there is a constant battle over how the copier works or why there is no coffee made.

We are blessed beyond measure to have this team of contributors representing a lifetime of passion, experience, and wisdom. Our contributors write many of the incredible articles on the ym360 Blog, as well as some of our Bible Study Resources, Free Stuff, and more.
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