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the ym360 Promise

ym360 Promise
From everyone at ym360, we promise the following . . .

Happy Youth Ministers.
If you're a customer, excellence is our goal and we'll work hard to always exceed your expectations. If you’re not completely satisfied with your ym360 Bible Study Resource, we promise to make it right. If you're a visitor, we want your experience to be a great one. If you see something we can do better toward serving, encouraging and equipping you, let us know. We promise to listen.

Here For You.
We’re passionate about serving youth workers through relationship. We promise to always be available to help however we can. No need is too small.

Content Matters.
Above all else, we desire to see your students transformed by growing closer to Christ. As a publishing-based organization, regardless of what we do, we promise to always be about solid biblical content, never forgetting the call God has put in our lives to make Him and His ways known to teenagers.

Guiding Values:
Everything we do at ym360 is measured against these seven values . . .

Value 1: A love for and a belief in the power of God’s Word
Value 2: A belief that the teenage years are vital in the development of spiritual foundations
Value 3: A desire to equip and serve youth workers in the local church
Value 4: A passion for expressing creativity, relevancy, and excellence in everything we produce
Value 5: A commitment to stewardship as it pertains to the financial leadership of ym360
Value 6: A belief in partnering with other ministries/organizations who share our values
Value 7: A passion for using our resources and spiritual gifts to support charitable organizations and ministries

To learn more about ym360 and our belief statements, go here


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