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The ym360 Trends and Culture Update (Vol. 28)


At ym360, we're committed to equipping youth workers. While most of our energy is dedicated to doing this in the areas of Bible Study Resources and Training, we believe it's valuable for youth workers and parents to stay in the loop on what is happening in youth culture and culture in general. (Read why we think it's important here.)

A couple times a month, we'll do a post like this one, where we link to relevant articles and studies that give you a better glimpse into the world teenagers are living in.

[Note: By nature, some of the articles and subject matter we deal with in Trends & Culture often conflicts with our beliefs and ethics as Christ-followers. Our purpose in linking to this type of material is to simply give you the option of knowing the culture your students are surrounded by. Use discretion to determine which links to click on.] We'd love to know that we're not just equipping you, but those you serve, as well.

Consider using this article to equip your community in the following ways:

  • Email this link to your adult volunteers
  • Repost it on your blog or church website
  • Email the link to all your parents to help equip them to better understand their teen's world
  • SHARE IT with your youth ministry networks. This is a great way to help your peeps!

Without further ado, here are some relevant links we think you should know about.


Some Social Media & Tech News

  • “Teens Text More Than Adults, But They’re Still Just Teens”—Long article but worth the read. Provides a ton of awesome insight into how teenagers communicate via texting, Facebook, etc. A few observations I thought were noteworthy: --Today’s teens see password-sharing as a sign of trust and as signaling that they have nothing to hide. --80% of American teenagers are on Facebook --Facebook less like a collection of friends and more like a town hall meeting --63% of teenagers text people in their lives every day; 39% of make voice calls; 35% engage in face-to-face communication outside of school.
  • “Facebook, Twitter, other social media are brain candy, study says”—A look at why we're so inclined to “overshare” on social media sites. Good insight into teenage behavior.
  • “How People Spend Their Time Online [Infographic]”—Fun little info graphic on what we do when we're online. Does this match up at all to what you know about your students' online behavior?
  • “FB Launches Facebook Camera”—Look out for Facebook Camera, an Instagram meets Facebook mashup that is sure to be a hit with teens and young adults.


Youth Culture & Entertainment


A Glance At Recent Research

That's it for this edition of the ym360 Trends & Culture report. Look for another one the week of June 11.


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About the Author


Andy Blanks is the co-founder of youthministry360. Andy has been teaching the Bible and discipling teenagers pretty much weekly for the last 14 years. He lives in Birmingham with his awesome wife and their four children. Andy is an avid runner and loves just about anything involving being outdoors. Follow him on Twitter (

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