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3 Tips For Teaching The Bible To Middle Schoolers

Andy Blanks talks about his approach to teaching the Bible to 7th graders by focusing on accomplishing three main goals

Creating Openness In Your Small Group

Andy Blanks talks about the importance of openness in small groups, and some thoughts on how to help develop it.

What It Looks Like When The Bible Leads Your Bible Study

Nov 20 2014

Sometimes in our effort to teach the Bible in a relevant way, we can inadvertently water down its message. Here's how to keep from doing that.

Want To Be A Better Bible Teacher? Follow These 3 Simple Truths

Apr 24 2014

Andy Blanks passes along three simple truths to help you be a better Bible teacher.

3 Thoughts For Busting Your Bible Study Out Of The Rut

Feb 18 2014

Andy Blanks provides some tips on how to breath a little life into your Bible Study teaching time.

4 Thoughts On How To Teach Deeper Bible Study To Teenagers

Nov 07 2013

Andy Blanks passes along some tips for teaching in-depth Bible study to your teenagers.

Don’t Underestimate The Teenagers You Teach

Nov 05 2013

Andy Blanks talks about the trouble with dumbing-down our discipleship message (and our methods).

Helping Teenagers Grasp The Story Of The Bible

Aug 29 2013

Andy Blanks gives three easy steps to helping students grasp the narrative of the Bible.

What God Are You Teaching Your Teenagers?

Jun 18 2013

Andy Blanks challenges youth workers to consider exactly what image of God they are teaching to teenagers.

Preparing Great Messages When You Don't Have a Lot of Time

Jun 17 2013
Image courtesy of / (c) Matthew Jean-Louis

Whether you're a newbie or an old pro, crafting a sermon or talk can sometimes be challenging. ym360 Contributor Benjer McVeigh passes along some tips to preparing great messages.