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When Is A Youth Minister Too Old To Be Effective?

image courtesy of / (c) BrAt82
Andy Blanks answers an important question, "When Is A Youth Minister Too Old To Be Effective"?

Breaking Out Of Youth Ministry Survival Mode

Nov 06 2014
Image courtesy of / (c) Gunnar Pippel

ym360 Contributor Chris Wesley passes along great thoughts on how to implement a plan in your youth ministry.

Who Do You Want Teenagers To Become?

Jan 20 2014
image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) Tischenko Irina

Andy Blanks asks if there aren't some biblical characteristics of Christ-followers we want to see in our students

How Big Is Your Youth Ministry Vision?

Nov 14 2013

Andy Blanks passes along four thoughts on youth ministry vision from the most unlikely of sources.

Being Intentional In Evaluating Your Youth Ministry Purpose

Sep 24 2013

Andy Blanks asks: How intentional are you when it comes to evaluating why you do what you do in your youth ministry?

Who Is Your Youth Ministry For?

Apr 25 2013

ym360 Contributor Benjer McVeigh asks a thought provoking question: Who should your ministry be for?

Three Tips For Making The Most Out Of A Youth Ministry Conference

Feb 25 2013
Image courtesy of / (c) Ariadna De Raadt

Andy Blanks passes along a few thoughts on how to get the most out of attending a youth ministry conference.

Books To Help You Be More Effective At Youth Ministry, Part 1

Feb 14 2013
Image courtesy of / (c) r.martens

Andy Blanks passes along Part 1 of a two-part list of resources every youth worker needs to (at least consider) checking out.

The Responsibility Veteran Youth Ministers Have To New Youth Ministers

Jan 31 2013

ym360 Contributor Benjer McVeigh writes a great post about the responsibility veteran youth ministers have to new/young youth workers

Bringing More Creativity To Your Youth Ministry

Oct 23 2012

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker writes on the importance of creativity in your youth ministry and how to be creative, whether it's a gift of yours or not.