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Upping Your Investment In Your Youth Ministry Volunteers

ym360 Contributor Christopher Wesley gives some great pointers on how to "up" your investment in your volunteers.

Are You A Mere Youth Group? Or A True Spiritual Community?

Andy Blanks outlines the traits of spiritual communities, the kind that enable your students to grow closer to God.

Imitation And Discipleship

Oct 15 2014

Andy Blanks talks about the important of embracing the element of imitation in discipleship.

Two Thoughts For Volunteering Well

Oct 14 2014

ym360 Contributor Bill Nance writes about the importance of volunteering well.

Youth Ministry Is Messy. But It’s Worth It.

Sep 09 2014

Andy Blanks talks about how he came to appreciate the messiness of youth ministry.

Summer Youth Ministry: Grow Those Relationships

Jun 09 2014

Andy Blanks suggests a few strategies and thoughts for maximizing the relationship building potential of the Summer

Youth Ministry: Your "God-sized" Task

May 26 2014

Andy Blanks encourages youth workers to keep in mind that God never calls us to failure. He helps see us through our God-sized tasks.

Is Speed An Asset In Youth Ministry? Or A Liability?

May 05 2014

Andy Blanks asks if speed is necessarily a value when it comes to youth ministry.

Changing Your Youth Ministry To Adapt To Culture

Apr 17 2014
image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) krsmanovic

Andy Blanks asks if we're asking the tough questions that will lead us to adapt our ministries to meet the changing culture surrounding our students.

Stop Telling Teenagers To Invite Friends To Church

Mar 31 2014
Photo courtesy / (C) nito

Andy Blanks challenges youth workers to think differently about reaching students who don't know Christ