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5 Roles Youth Workers Play In The Lives Of Teenagers

image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) Pinkcandy
Andy Blanks examines the five roles youth workers can play in the lives of teenagers.

Why Is Prayer So Hard For Our Teenagers (And For Us)?

Jul 24 2014
image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) LoloStock

Andy Blanks talks about the challenges of teaching teenagers to value deep, intimate communication with God.

There Is A Better Way To Disciple Teenagers

Jun 26 2014

Andy Blanks looks at a common mistake youth workers make when it comes to discipleship, and how we might rethink it.

What Kind Of Faith Are You Leading People To?

May 29 2014

Andy Blanks wonders what kind of faith are we modeling and teaching to the students in our ministries.

10 Discipleship Truths (Learned The Hard Way)

May 22 2014

Andy Blanks passes along 10 truths about discipleship he's learned over the years . . . sometimes the hard way.

10 (Random) Youth Ministry Thoughts

May 13 2014

Andy Blanks shares another list of things he has been thinking lately about youth ministry and discipleship.

Youth Ministry Is Messy. But It’s Worth It.

Apr 15 2014

Andy Blanks talks about how he came to appreciate the messiness of youth ministry.

Dealing With Our Students' Doubt And Questions

Apr 03 2014
image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) ollyy

Andy Blanks passes along a few tips on how to deal with the doubts and questions our teenagers have about their faith and about God.

Your Students' View Of The Bible Starts With You

Mar 17 2014

Andy Blanks challenges youth workers to think about how they view the Bible's role in helping shape students' lives.

Finding The Balance Between Relationships and Programs

Mar 11 2014

Andy Blanks passes along a great example of a youth minister who has a healthy understanding of programmed-based ministry.