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3 Tips For Teaching The Bible To Middle Schoolers

Andy Blanks talks about his approach to teaching the Bible to 7th graders by focusing on accomplishing three main goals

5 Thoughts On What To Do When Teenagers Won’t Respond In Your Bible Study

Jun 23 2014
image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) Odua Images

Andy Blanks shares some thoughts on what to do with teenagers who are on the quiet end of the spectrum when it comes to Bible study discussions.

Want To Be A Better Bible Teacher? Follow These 3 Simple Truths

Apr 24 2014

Andy Blanks passes along three simple truths to help you be a better Bible teacher.

Your Students' View Of The Bible Starts With You

Mar 17 2014

Andy Blanks challenges youth workers to think about how they view the Bible's role in helping shape students' lives.

3 Thoughts For Busting Your Bible Study Out Of The Rut

Feb 18 2014

Andy Blanks provides some tips on how to breath a little life into your Bible Study teaching time.

3 Basics For Preparing To Teach A Bible Passage To Students

Jan 13 2014
Image courtesy of / (c) Mark Hayes

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker gives a few basic tips on how to prepare to study a Bible passage.

"How Do We Get Teenagers To Read The Bible More?"

Nov 11 2013

Andy Blanks challenges the way we think about leading students deeper in God's Word.

4 Thoughts On How To Teach Deeper Bible Study To Teenagers

Nov 07 2013

Andy Blanks passes along some tips for teaching in-depth Bible study to your teenagers.

Helping Teenagers Grasp The Story Of The Bible

Aug 29 2013

Andy Blanks gives three easy steps to helping students grasp the narrative of the Bible.

3 Youth Ministry Truths I Was Recently Reminded Of

Aug 19 2013

One of the best things about youth ministry is how much there still is to learn. Andy Blanks was recently reminded of three important truths.