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What Kind Of Community Are You Building In Your Youth Ministry?

Andy Blanks offers a definition of biblical community and how we might use it to think about how we're growing community in our youth ministries

Discipleship Is Slow. What You Can Do About It

The process of growing to be more like Christ is inherently slow. Andy Blanks talks about how important it is for our ministries and our students that we grasp this concept.

What It Looks Like When The Bible Leads Your Bible Study

Sometimes in our effort to teach the Bible in a relevant way, we can inadvertently water down its message. Here's how to keep from doing that.

Embracing Our Students’ Brokenness

Andy Blanks looks at a familiar passage of Scripture that reminds us of an often overlooked discipleship truth.

How To Show Your Students You Care

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker passes along a few thoughts on what Scripture says we can do to show your students you care about them.

The Shrinking Influence of Youth Workers

Have you found your opportunities to influence teenagers shrinking in recent years? Andy Blanks identifies some contributing factors and some thoughts for how to maximize our impact.

How To Get Started In Youth Ministry

image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) Ollyy
Andy Blanks passes along some advice to those looking to get started in youth ministry, and invites other youth workers to chime in as well.

Breaking Out Of Youth Ministry Survival Mode

Image courtesy of / (c) Gunnar Pippel
ym360 Contributor Chris Wesley passes along great thoughts on how to implement a plan in your youth ministry.

How We Can Learn From Disappointment

Andy Blanks passes along three ways we can turn our disappointment into an opportunity to grow more proficient as youth workers.

10 (Random) Youth Ministry Thoughts: Vol. 5

Too long for a tweet, too short for a blog post, it's time for another installment of Random Youth Ministry Thoughts by Andy Blanks.