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Summer Is Winding Down . . . Are You Ready?

Andy Blanks asks an important question: Are you ready for the upcoming school year?

A Free Discipleship Framework For Your Youth Ministry

Andy Blanks passes along a FREE discipleship framework to help you think about how effective your youth ministry is at making disciples.

YM Essentials: Helping Students Process Their Mission Trip

Jul 09 2014

ym360 Contributor Aaron Kirkpatrick gives some great tips on how to make sure what happens on mission trips doesn't stay there!

Learning From Jesus: Dealing With Those Who Demand Our Time

Jul 07 2014

Andy Blanks asks what we can learn from Christ's example of giving His time and attention to others.

There Is A Better Way To Disciple Teenagers

Jun 26 2014

Andy Blanks looks at a common mistake youth workers make when it comes to discipleship, and how we might rethink it.

Tips For Communicating With Your Students' Parents

Jun 24 2014

ym360 Contributor Justin Herman passes along some tips on the hows and whys of communicating with our students' parents.

5 Thoughts On What To Do When Teenagers Won’t Respond In Your Bible Study

Jun 23 2014
image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) Odua Images

Andy Blanks shares some thoughts on what to do with teenagers who are on the quiet end of the spectrum when it comes to Bible study discussions.

Youth Ministry Truth: Don’t Let The “Hills” Define Your Ministry

Jun 16 2014

Andy Blanks reminds youth workers not to be defined by the trials they face in the course of their ministries.

Summer Youth Ministry: Grow Those Relationships

Jun 09 2014

Andy Blanks suggests a few strategies and thoughts for maximizing the relationship building potential of the Summer

Leadership Truth: The 3 D’s of Delegation

Jun 04 2014

Andy Blanks gives youth workers three practical thoughts on delegating tasks to others.