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Five Characteristics Of Healthy Discipleship In Your Youth Ministry

Andy Blanks passes along five common characteristics for a healthy discipleship strategy for all discipleship contexts.

Taking Off The Training Wheels

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker thinks it's high time we took off the training wheels.

Imitation And Discipleship

Andy Blanks talks about the important of embracing the element of imitation in discipleship.

How To Ensure Your Volunteers Leave Frustrated And Worn Out

Image courtesy of / (c) Aaron Amat
Andy Blanks gives a few key approaches to keeping your volunteers.

Partnering with Parents as a Young Student Pastor

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock / (c) Dmitriy Shironosov
ym360 Contributor Austin McCann passes along some tips on engaging with your students parents, no matter how young you may be

How To Disciple A Teenager That Doesn’t Want To Be Discipled

image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) auremar
Andy Blanks asks the question: How do you disciple a teenager that doesn’t want to be discipled? His answer may surprise you.

20 Tips To Liven Up Your Bible Study Teaching

Andy Blanks passes along 20 short tips on how to breathe a little life into your Bible Study teaching time

Changing The Way We Think About Sports And Youth Ministry

Andy Blanks challenges youth workers to reframe their thinking when it comes to the negative impact sports has on youth ministry participation.

A Free Discipleship Framework For Your Youth Ministry

Andy Blanks passes along a FREE discipleship framework to help you think about how effective your youth ministry is at making disciples.

Two Thoughts For Volunteering Well

Oct 14 2014

ym360 Contributor Bill Nance writes about the importance of volunteering well.