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Keeping Your Family Focused On Christ During The Christmas Rush

ym360 Contributor Darren Sutton pass along some EXCELLENT tips on how NOT to let the busy-ness of the season get in the way of worship

Remembering Those In Your Youth Ministry Who Are Hurting This Christmas

Andy Blanks reminds us that youth workers have been given a unique opportunity to be a voice of God's comfort to those who may be hurting this Christmas.

Christmas Giving In And Through Your Youth Ministry

ym360 Contributor Phil Bell shares a list of people you can give to through your youth ministry this Christmas.

Modeling "Expectant Waiting" Through Your Youth Ministry

ym360 Contributor Heather Bishop passes along a few tips on how to help students grasp the importance of "expectant waiting" this Christmas/Advent season.

Equipping Teenagers To Be Sent Like Jesus Was Sent

ym360 Contributor Brandon Nichols writes a great article on how to equip students this Christmas to be sent like Jesus was sent.

Navigating the Meaning of Christmas in Your Youth Group

ym360 Contributor Heather Campbell writes a great post about the need to remind teenagers in our youth groups of the deeper meaning of Christmas.

Leadership Lessons From The Nativity Scene

ym360 Contributor Justin Knowles passes along some great leadership lessons from the Christmas narrative.

Showing Teens How To Enjoy The Holidays

ym360 Contributor Chris Wesley writes a great piece on how to help teenagers enjoy the holidays . . . while keeping the focus on Christ.

3 Ways To Change It Up Without Overwhelming Yourself This Christmas

ym360 Contributor Christopher Wesley passes along some excellent thoughts on how to redeem Christmas from the craziness of the season.

Mission Possible: Getting Ahead During The Christmas Season

ym360 Contributor Chris Wesley challenges youth workers to not just survive the hectic Christmas season, but to get ahead.