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Dealing With Disappointment Before It Paralyzes You

ym360 Contributor Chris Wesley passes along some great advice on dealing with disappointment

Creating Openness In Your Small Group

Andy Blanks talks about the importance of openness in small groups, and some thoughts on how to help develop it.

What In Your Youth Ministry Do You Need To Say Goodbye To?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock / (c) Vitaly Ilyasov
Andy Blanks offers a super-quick thought inspired by Microsoft's decision to (finally) kill Internet Explorer.

The Future Of Youth Ministry?

Richard Parker examines some key trends and looks at what they may mean for the future of youth ministry.

The 4 Needs Of New Christ-followers

Andy Blanks looks at Acts 2 to see what Scripture identifies as the needs of new Christ-followers.

Showing Teenagers A Faith Worth Caring About

Andy Blanks wonders if some teenagers don't care about their faith because they don't know what is essential and what isn't.

Why Failure Is OK In Discipleship

image courtesy of Shutterstock / (C) B Calkins
Is it OK for students to fail? Of course it is. Andy Blanks writes about the role of failure in the discipleship journey.

The DNA Of Discipleship: An Excerpt From "DISCIPLE" By Dr. Allen Jackson

This blog post is an excerpt from Dr. Allen Jackson's book, "DISCIPLE: The Ordinary Person's Guide To Discipling Teenagers." In it, he looks at the DNA of Discipleship.

7 Keys To Welcoming New Volunteers

ym360 Contributor Bill Nance writes from his new perspective of being a youth ministry volunteer, and how it opened his eyes to some helpful thoughts on how we interact with our adult volunteers.

How To Keep Your Small Groups From Fizzling

Andy Blanks passes along a few thoughts on how to fight "the fizzle" and keep your small group growing in the right direction.