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7 Characteristics of Effective Small Groups

ym360 Contributor Brendt Blanks talks about the characteristics that make small groups effective.

How To Stick With Youth Ministry For The Long Haul

image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) spirit of america
Longevity in youth ministry doesn't have to be impossible. Andy Blanks shares some thoughts on how to stick with youth ministry for the long haul.

The Wonderful, Awful Tension Of Youth Ministry

Andy Blanks talks about the many different points of tension he feels in ministry . . . and how it's a wonderful, awful part of the territory.

10 (NEW) Random Youth Ministry Thoughts

Andy Blanks passes along the latest installment of the popular 10 Youth Ministry Thoughts series.

5 Sentences On Why Young People Leave The Church

image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) Paul Matthew Photography
In five sentences, Andy Blanks shares some thoughts on why teenagers leave the church after high school.

Why I Changed The Way I Talk To Teenagers About Reading Their Bible

Andy Blanks shares the way in which his message to teenagers about reading their Bibles has changed over the years.

A Free Discipleship Framework For Your Youth Ministry

Andy Blanks passes along a FREE discipleship framework to help you think about how effective your youth ministry is at making disciples.

5 Tips For Starting The School Year Right

Sep 16 2014

ym360 Contributor Jay Higham Passes along some great tips for starting the Fall right

Making it Through the Down Times

Sep 11 2014
image courtesy of shutterstock / (c) Andrzej Wilusz

ym360 Contributor Eric Ballard writes about how he has learned to make it through the low points of youth ministry.

Youth Ministry Is Messy. But It’s Worth It.

Sep 09 2014

Andy Blanks talks about how he came to appreciate the messiness of youth ministry.