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Learning To Give Generously

How well do you give? This short post focuses on developing a generous heart as one of the vital aspects of growing in our faith.

Still Before God

This post from ym360 Contributor Richard Parker focuses on "being still" and ridding ourselves of those things that rob our devotion to God.

How Do You Define Your Role as a Youth Worker?

Andy Blanks writes a post dealing with the importance of knowing your role as a youth worker

Re-Charging Your Battery

Richard Parker writes about the renewing work of the Spirit in the life of a youth worker.

Remembering The "Behind The Scenes" Students

Richard Parker encourages us to focus on ministering to all students in our groups, not just those in the limelight.

Making Good From Bad

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker writes a great post focusing on Romans 8:28 and God's promise to take care of those who have been called to His purposes.

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker writes a short post on the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone.

What The Gym Can Teach Us About Discipling Teenagers

Andy Blanks considers some surprising connections between physical and spiritual development.

Good Friday: A Day Of Reflection

Apr 03 2015

The ym360 Blog takes a day off to encourage you to reflect on the Cross and on Christ this Good Friday.

The One Who Overcomes Is On Your Side

Jan 28 2015

ym360 Contributor Richard Parker reminds us what it means to rely on Christ for His great peace and power amidst trials and struggles.